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EST 2019

Our Fairfield Retail Store is located on 437 US-46 in Fairfield, New Jersey.

This store has an extremely large variety of pond products including Evolution Aqua, Bermuda Water Gardens, Atlantic, Oase, and much more! Aside from the hardgood products we offer, FFP Fairfield carries many Koi Fish imported from Japan as well as fancy goldfish, tadpoles, and snails. We also carry an assortment of water plants to add color to your pond!

For more information about our Fairfield store please call (908)-420-9908 Ext. 3 and our retail manager, Nick, will be happy to answer any questions! Hope to see you at the store soon!

Follow us on Instagram at @FFPFairfield for more information on specific store hours and new stock!


Our Fairfield Retail Store houses the most product out of any store. Nick Fernicola, Fairfield Retail Store Manager, is a wealth of knowledge. Growing up alongside his family business at Fairfield Garden Center makes him an excellent resource for any DIY-er.

Come on into the store, meet Nick and check out our amazing array of products!

Check out CEO Brian Fitzsimmons's visit to the Fairfield Store. Here, he meets up with retail store Manager, Nick Fernicola to tour the store before it opens for the Spring Season. 



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