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Meet Our Partners

We are proud to partner with businesses that are unique and help the industry .



The Koi Partner, Yvo De Wal, has been documenting the koi hobby for years. His expert knowledge and documentaries on YouTube have helped grow the koi hobby and industry. We are proud to partner together to continue that growth.

Bg Everything Koi


Everything Koi is an online retailer of Japanese Koi Fish, Pond Equipment as well as Fish & Plant Care products. We offer anything from Japanese Koi Fish and Plant Care, to Water Garden Products and Pond Equipment.

Bg Evolution Aqua


Evolution Aqua develops innovative and revolutionary products for the Koi and pond industry. With Evolution Aqua products, all koi keepers from the professional to the general hobbyist benefit from the most up to date pond technology resulting in optimal water quality for your koi.

Bg Koi Trips


Koi Trips offers fully guided trips to Japan to visit the best Koi breeders in Niigata and see how it all works at the home of Nishikigoi. A must for all serious Koi keepers, as the knowledge you get in such a short time is incredible.

FFP Landscapes & Stonework

FFP Landscapes & Stonework

FFP Landscapes & Stonework provides the perfect compliment to our pond construction department. From patios to pergolas to incredible outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens and fire pits, we can make any outdoor dream come true!

FFP Aquariums & Aquascaping

FFP Aquariums & Aquascpaing

FFP Aquariums & Aquascaping offers a wide selection of freshwater aquarium fish and plants. Our goal is to provide a community space for hobbyists to purchase products, hardscaping materials, and livestock while offering expert guidance from our experienced team.

Shintaro Koi Farm

Shintaro Koi Farm: Our Partners in Japan

The Saito's of Shintaro Koi Farm have become extended family of Fitz's Fish Ponds. We proudly partner with Shintaro for our our Gosanke koi. They are also our shipping partners and aid Fitz's Fish Ponds with the logistics of shipping hundreds of boxes of a koi a year. The Saito's typically join us for our events at Fitz's Fish Ponds. Kosuke, Kensuke and Masaru Saito have joined us for Koi Fest and Spring Koi Kick Off.

In addition, our Koi Trips team stays with the Saito Family during the trips. We aid them in their koi harvests in the fall as well as returning the koi to the ponds in the spring.

Click below to check out all of our offerings from Shintaro Koi Farm.

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