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Autumn Trip

Fall Harvest in Oct/Nov

Autumn Koi Harvest

The Autumn Fall Harvest Trip is one of the customer favorites. On this trip, the FFP team joins Shintaro Koi Farm as they harvest their mud pond ponds in the mountains of Niigata, Japan. This is a VERY popular trip and gets booked up quickly. Due to the FFP Team's long standing relationship with the breeders, we are able to get our clients into the mud ponds to help with the harvest!

dragnetting for koi

With this exclusive opportunity, be ready to put on your waders to help pull the ponds and extract the koi and get them safely to the koi houses for the winter season.

Masaru Saito and Fitz

Some of the highlights of the Fall Harvest Trip are the Shintaro Number 1 Harvest where the team extracts Jumbo Koi and The Matsunosuke Number 1 Harvest which is exclusive to Koi Trips.

During this trip, you will also go to the Nagaoka Koi Show, where you will have an intimate party with the top breeders in Japan.

Fitz harvesting massive koi

To enjoy the full experience of the fall harvest trip, a seven day trip is always recommended. Often times we will be accompanied by other koi hobbyists from other countries and it is great to connect with the larger koi community on these trips.

Shintaro #1 Harvest

Weather: Expect some light rain some days , but in general the temperatures are mild.

For more details on the Autumn Koi Trips click below.

Shintaro #1 Koi Harvest

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  • Consultation: Whether you want to travel for personal gain or if you are purchasing for your business, our Koi Trips team will help fulfill your desires.

  • Book Your Trip: After receiving the appropriate information from our team, book your flight. Hotel accommodations will be made by the Koi Trips team.

  • Fly to Japan: Meet our team in Tokyo, then take the bullet train to Nagaoka-- the koi capitol of the world.

  • Source your Dream Koi: With our teams help and long lasting relationships with the breeders, you will be able to hand pick the koi of your dreams.

  • Shipping Home: Your fish will be shipped home alongside our own. We will stay in constant communication about when your fish will arrive at our facility and make arrangements with you to receive your koi. Remember they must remain in quarantine for approx. 30 days.

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