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Fitz's Fish Ponds

Farm & headquarters


Explore our Greenhouses at the FFP Farm

The FFP farm is located in Milford, NJ and acts as both our headquarters and warehouse. The main feature is our 6 state of the art greenhouses dedicated to housing our imported Japanese Koi and aquatic plants. Our koi at the farm are available for purchase for both wholesale and retail customers.

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Quarantine Greenhosue


Our quarantine greenhouse was built in November of 2019 and was the first built at the farm location. QT has 20 separate tanks and can house thousands of koi. This greenhouse gets its name from being the quarantine location for the new fish shipped in from Japan. Once the fish arrive at our facility they must go through a 4 week quarantine period to acclimate.

Champion Greenhouse


Our Champion greenhouse has two massive 15,000 gallon tanks. This greenhouse gets its name from housing our "Grand Champion" sized koi. If you are searching for a koi that can compete to win a US Koi Show-- this is the greenhouse you will want to visit!

ICF Greenhouse

ICF - EST. 2021

ICF was built in February of 2021 and is the largest greenhouse on site to date. It has 6 ponds with a total of 80,000 gallons of water. ICF gets its name from being constructed with BuildBlock, a type of Insulated Concrete Form. This unique idea allows these ponds to be temperature controlled. The design for this greenhouse won the ICF Builders Award in 2023 for Specialty Applications. This state of the art greenhouse was designed to hold big, beautiful Japanese koi!

Sauna or Tosai Greenhouse

SAUNA (Tosai house) - EST. 2022

This greenhouse is where we house most of our baby koi or Tosai which means 1 year old koi. There are four 8,000 gallon ponds with state of the art filtration. While all of the koi are for purchase, we will keep some with the intention of growing them our as they get bigger. To see thousands of tiny beautiful koi, sauna is the greenhouse to be!

plant greenhouse


This greenhouse was designed to house a beautiful selection of aquatic plants. This is essentially our plant warehouse and where we store the plants to stock our stores through the months of April-July.

The plant greenhouse has thousands of aquatic plants including, water lillies, lotus plants, hyacinths, and more!

Below is the list of aquatic plants that we have: Louisiana Iris, Lemon Bacopa, Lavender Pink Pickerel Rush, Laura Louise Iris, Iris Kaemferi Variegate, Imperial Taro, Hardy Water Canna, Golden Variegated Sweet Flag, Common Calla, Creeping Jenny (Gold) Cyperus Papyrus, Dwarf Umbrella, Canna Cannasol Happy Isabel Canna Cannasol Happy Emily Canna Cannasol Happy Cleo Blue Moneywort Blue Eyed Grass Black Magic Black Gamecock Louisiana Iris Variegated Water Garlic Ruellia Brittonlana Chi Chi Spiral Rush Tea Cup Taro Variegated Water Celery Red Water Dock Raspberry Swirl Queen Victoria Lovella Purple Waffle Purple Pickeral Rush Houttuynla Cordata Chameleon Nelumbo Beautiful Dancer – Mini Lotus Nelumbo Hero Lotus Hardy Water Lily Hardy Aquatic Planter w/Sweet Flag Hardy Aquatic Planter w/Iris Mixed Marginal Floating Island Tropical Aquatic Planter w/Pitcher Plant Pitcher Plant in Floating Island

lily greenhouse


This greenhouse was built in the summer of 2023 and is split into housing half fish and half aquatic plants. Five of the tanks in the Lily House are designated solely to house f. ish for our website. The other tanks house more baby koi!

farm location


Our experienced team travels to Japan three times a year to hand select the highest quality koi for our stock at the farm, our retail stores and our retail and wholesale customers. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have established with the breeders in Japan. We strive to provide the closest experience to Japan at our farm in Milford, NJ. Interested in hand selecting your own koi either for personal gain or for business purposes? Schedule a visit to our farm, today!

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Click below to shop our extensive collection of Japanese Imported Koi
8” Japanese Imported Koi Taniguchi Golden Corn - 24
9” Japanese Imported Koi Taniguchi Golden Corn - 22
7” Japanese Imported Koi Shiro Utsuri - 26
8” Japanese Imported Koi Taniguchi Golden Corn - 27
7” Japanese Imported Koi Taniguchi Golden Corn - 28
5.5” Japanese Imported Koi Shiro Utsuri - 29
7.5” Japanese Imported Koi Golden Corn - 30
21” Japanese Imported Koi Kumonryu - 17
22” Japanese Imported Koi Ginrin Shiro Utsuri - 21
23” Japanese Imported Koi Kikisui - 22
25” Japanese Imported Koi Butterfly Chagoi - 23
24” Japanese Imported Koi Butterfly Kin Ki Utsuri - 26


The FFP Farm Location is also the headquarters and warehouse for Evolution Aqua USA. Here we receive containers from the UK and then take orders and ship from our warehouse. For more information about Evolution Aqua USA email Click below to browse our extensive product selection.

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  • Initial Discussion: Discuss your desires and preferences with our extremely knowledgeable team. Consider, koi variety, size, and budget during this conversation.

  • Schedule an Appointment: Schedule an appointment to come to our Koi Farm in Milford, NJ, have a video call or chat with our team to source the perfect koi for you. You can also place specific orders in advance of one of our Japan Koi Buying Trips and our team will source the koi of your dreams.

  • Koi Pick Up or Delivery: You can choose to pick up your koi from our farm or we can ship it to you. We ship koi Monday-Wednesday all over the USA.

  • Koi Trips: Are you an extreme hobbyist? Come to Japan with Fitz’s Fish Ponds on a Koi Buying Trip. We plan three trips a year where you can visit the Japanese Koi Breeders and hand pick your koi in Japan.

  • Support: Our team values maintaining long lasting relationships with our customers. We are here to support you in all of your koi needs.

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