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Large Pond & Lake Management

How are most large ponds and lakes managed today?

In the world of large pond and lake management, Many companies simply REACT toproblems that occur with a pond, such as excessive weed and algae growth, by treatingthe pond chemically to kill whatever might be growing. While this does work in theshort-term, it does not address the cause of the problem, and over time actually makesthe problem worse. While chemicals can be an effective tool, they should not be usedas the only solution for a pond with issues.

Why is this method an issue?

Chemicals such as algaecides and herbicides, do a great job of killing algae and weeds in a pond, so what’s the problem? The problem is, that once these organics are killed off, they simply fall to the bottom of the pond to rot. As these organics decompose, they turn into muck and become fertilizer for even more algae and weeds to grow. Without anything removing these organics, the cycle continues, building up more and more muck on the bottom of the pond, and causing ever larger algae blooms.

Our solution

Fitz’s Fish Ponds takes a proactive approach to large pond and lake management,rather than a reactive one. We use a combination of aeration, beneficial bacteria and natural treatments to increase the levels of oxygen and beneficial bacteria in your pond.This method removes decomposing organics, and muck from the pond, which addresses the root cause of poor water quality, algae, and weed growth.

Aerating your pond

By aerating your pond with either a fountain or subsurface aeration system, you greatly increase the levels of oxygen in your pond. This allows for the increased colonization of beneficial bacteria, which eats away at the muck and organic debris in your pond. This is especially important for older ponds, and ponds that do not have a lot of water movement.

Beneficial Bacteria

When water temperature is above 50°F beneficial bacteria will begin to colonize naturally in most ponds. As a pond ages and accumulates more debris and muck, the bacteria that occurs naturally may not be enough to maintain good water quality. By adding bacteria treatments such as PondClear and MuckAway, we can greatly increase the bacteria count in the pond. Pond Clear works in the water column to eat away at suspended debris, which greatly improves water clarity. Muck Away pellets sink to the bottom of the pond and eat away at up to 5” of muck per season! Muckaway also helps prevent any future muck buildup. The best part? Both of these treatments are completely safe for humans, animals, fish, and any other aquatic life!

Other Treatments

For ponds that are especially challenging, we have a number of other treatment options at our disposal:

Pond Dye

: For ponds that get excessive sunlight, we can apply a pond dye, which willnot only beautify the pond, but also greatly reduce the amount of sunlight thatpenetrates the water. This is a safe and effective solution for ponds with excess algaegrowth, or water discoloration that is unattractive.

Debris Removal:

For ponds that have excessive debris that is too much for bacterialtreatments alone, we offer raking services to physically remove excess leaves, sticks,weeds, algae, and other debris from your pond. This is a great way to give your pond ahead start before beginning to treat it.

Algae Treatment:

If all else fails, or an immediate solution is needed, we do provide direct algae treatment. Whether this solution is a viable one, will depend on the specific pond.Why choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for large pond and lake management?By choosing Fitz’s Fish Ponds to take care of your pond, you will be taking a proactive approach to maintaining your pond, rather than a reactive one. By combining aeration,beneficial bacteria, and our other treatments, you’ll be addressing the root of the problem (excess nutrients and sunlight) rather than using chemicals for a temporary fix.This will result in a pond that looks better each year rather than worse! If you are interested in learning more about our large pond and lake management, Call us today at(908) 315-7370 or send us an email at

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Looking for large pond and lake management services? You can count on Fitz's Fish Ponds and our years of experience in providing reliable fish pond services.

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