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Ground Maintenance

While many property owners procrastinate when it comes to hiring a contractor for ground maintenance, there are a number of benefits you’ll gain by doing so. Whether you own residential or commercial real estate, having a professional on hand to maintain your grounds is prudent.

What is Ground Maintenance?

Ground maintenance involves the methods, equipment and materials which are used to keep a landscape in pristine condition. It will eliminate both debris and litter while ensuring the property is preserved by maintaining and increasing its visual appeal for the owners, visitors or employees. It includes things such as trash removal, lawn mowing, planting, lighting installation or planting flowers, shrubs or trees.

Why Should You Get Ground Maintenance?

For commercial properties, it will maintain and enhance the company image. Why would prospective clients want to do business with a company that won’t even maintain its own grounds? Just as personal appearance is important, landscaping appearance is essential when it comes to attracting new customers. When people visit your place of business they should see a clean, organized, professional environment, as this says good things about your business and the type of services you provide.

Ground maintenance will also increase the longevity of the architectural structure. Put another way, a property where litter is allowed to accumulate, whether commercial or residential, will attract pests such as roaches, mice or rats. Once such pests enter the premises they will cause problems with the interior, problems that will then require you to hire a pest control company. The funds used for this could have been used to hire a ground maintenance company so pests wouldn’t have entered the building in the first place.

Additionally, landscapes which are not properly maintained are subject to environmental hazards such as felled hedges or trees which are not only visually unattractive, but which may also injure those who come onto the premises, which can result in costly litigation. Injuries which result from slipping and falling are common on disorganized, uncared for grounds, and such injuries are one of the leading causes of lawsuits in the United States. Aside from your company image being ruined, do you really want to spend huge sums of money in legal fees and court settlements?  Having a ground maintenance team on hand will prevent all these problems. They will ensure that your property not only looks and smells good, but is safe to anyone that works or visits there.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Ground Maintenance?

The benefits of hiring a professional groundkeeper greatly outweigh the costs, and Fitz’s Fish Ponds is a highly regarded landscaping firm that will perform a variety of ground maintenance services on your behalf. Our team is efficient, fast and friendly, and we have years of experience working on a variety of landscapes, including both residential and commercial properties. Whether you operate a business or simply need yard work done for your house and are too busy to be bothered with it, we will make sure the job gets done right. Contact us today!

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Looking for Ground Maintanance in NJ, NY & PA? Fitz's Fish Ponds is the premier landscape company that can help. Call us today at (908) 420-9908.

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