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Pond Maintenance

Ponds have to be regularly maintained in order to remain in good standing. The water has to be regularly tested and monitored for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels, and any fish or plants residing within must also be inspected to ensure that they are healthy. This will ensure that the pond remains beautiful and dynamic for many years to come.

Why You Need Pond Maintenance Services

Pond maintenance comes in four basic forms, and these are water treatments, aeration, filtration, and aquatic life management. Each approach benefits the pond in different ways, and ensures that it remains aesthetically pleasing to the eye while maintaining healthy plant and fish life.

Water treatments come in a variety of forms, however the ones we usually recommend are natural bacteria based. While some bacteria found in ponds is beneficial, others are not. beneficial bacterial can be used to dissolve the sludge or muck while lowering the water’s nutrient load, which helps control algae and improve water quality. Other treatments include adding salt for fish health, fish safe algicides for extreme algae problems, various fish medications and more. Our team has the expertise to asses your pond and it’s inhabitants to diagnose the problem, and treat it effectively.

Aeration can provide numerous benefits to your pond. Ponds that are well aerated will have lower algae levels, and you can also eliminate odors which result from anaerobic conditions. Ponds can be aerated in many ways, such as through floating fountains, waterfalls or lake bed aerators.

Filtration is anything in your pond that absorbs waste, including plants. Many ponds are under-filtered or overstocked with fish, which results in poor water quality and clarity. Knowing about your filtration system and how to maintain it is crucial for a healthy pond. We can assess your filtration system and pond, and almost immediately determine if it is under-filtered and/or overstocked. For people who do not have the time to clean and maintain their filtration systems. We offer service plans were we regularly visit and take care of it for you.

Managing aquatic life is a big part of keeping a healthy pond. Many pond owners love fish so much that they cant stop buying them! Some other lucky owners have the pleasure of witnessing their fish mating, leaving them with hundreds of babies. An overstocked pond is almost impossible to maintain, without a very oversized filtrations system. A general rule of thumb is one inch of koi for every 35 gallons or one inch of goldfish for every 20 gallons. Again this depends on the total size of the pond and filtration. Plants are also part of aquatic life, but they have the opposite effect. The more plants you have, the more nutrients will be absorbed from the water resulting in less algae, and clearer water! This is a great option for people with inadequate filtration that don’t want to invest in a new system. Just make sure to leave room for your fish!

What We Do for Pond Maintenance

  • Monitor water chemistry (PH, ammonia, nitrite, ammonia, alkalinity, general hardness, and temperature)
  • Monitor fish health
  • Clean skimmers and filters
  • Check pumps to make sure there are no clogs
  • Top off water
  • Skim surface and bottom of the pond for debris
  • Add water treatments and de-chlorinator as needed
  • Clean excess algae from waterfalls
  • Trim and maintain aquatic plants
  • … and more!

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Pond Maintenance?

Fitz’s Fish Ponds has considerable experience when it comes to all things pond related. This includes design, construction and maintenance, which is needed regularly to ensure the pond thrives. Pond maintenance requires time, experience, resources and skill, and few pond owners have the time or luxury to do all the hands on work themselves. It is for this reason that our company was formed. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they can enjoy all the benefits which come from owning a beautiful pond without the hassle and stress of having to constantly clean, maintain and monitor it.

Besides basic pond maintenance, we can also install water features, dyes and bacterial treatments while also ensuring that the fish and plants within your pond are healthy. We have tremendous expertise on various types of plants, including aquatic and normal terrestrial. Those that are looking for excellent pond maintenance service for reasonable prices need look no further. Contact Fitz’s Fish Ponds today!

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Looking for Pond Maintenance in NY, NJ or PA? Fitz's Fish Ponds is happy to maintain your pond so you can simply enjoy it! Check out our exceptional Pond Maintenance services today! Call (908) 420-9908 to schedule..

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