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Seeding/Soddings Lawns & AstroTurf.

When new lawns are setup, one of the first questions homeowners often ask themselves is should they sod or seed? Each option has its pros and cons, and there are a number of factors to consider, such as preparing the site, caring for the lawn, and the selection of turf grass.

What is Seeding/Sodding Lawns?

Sodding involves the transplant of a turf that is mature, which has already been under the care of a professional. Seeding is a similar process, although it presents some additional challenges which are not seen with sodding. Seeding is beneficial because it offers you numerous grass variants from which you can select, while providing a root system which is robust and which is an affordable alternative to sodding. At the same time, the initial setup is time intensive, and since moisture is so important, it can become challenging to perform at the end of summer or the start of autumn.

Sodding, on the other hand, has a quick setup with few weeds to manage right at the start. It is an optimal choice for hills and any area vulnerable to erosion, so its setup is not just restricted to the end of summer or early fall, but at any point during the growth season. The only real disadvantages to sodding are the higher price and lower grass selection.

Why Should You Get Seeding/Sodding Lawns?

Seeding and sodding, when done correctly, will result in a beautiful lawn. It is essential to ensure that the soil is prepped in advance, as it will reduce the maintenance you’ll have to perform in the future. Furthermore, it will result in a turf which is healthier. A contractor will visit your property to perform a test of the soil in order to ascertain its characteristics and the best approach for it.

The best soil that money can buy is sandy loam. This soil is primarily a mixture of clay or silt. If you’re using any other type of soil, you will typically need amendments with greater care, but a great lawn can still be produced. The process of amending soil with heavy clay using organic manner will open it up, which will result in superior air quality and movement of water within. Seeding and sodding will also ensure that the top soil is no more than twenty percent clay and free from residual herbicides.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Seeding/Sodding Lawns?

The seeding and sodding services that we provide are timed in such a way where they are most suitable to the New Jersey climate and soil condition. This ensures that the environment is optimal for both growth and germination. The less weed seeds you have in germination, the better, as it will compete with the seedlings of the grass. Most important, we give sufficient time for the establishment of plants before winter sets in. Fitz’s Fish Ponds will also provide site watering, which is extremely important, as it ensures quality germination. Contact us today to set up an appointment!

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