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EST. 2019

Our FFP Green Brook Retail Store is located on 205D Route 22 in Green Brook, New Jersey. This store is great to pick out beautiful Japanese Koi fish, Koi Food, Evolution Aqua pumps and filters, Atlantic and Oase Pumps and Filters, all of Bermuda Water Gardens pond supplies, and much more!

For more information about our Green Brook Store please call (908)-420-9908 ext. 4 and our retail manager, Ryan Cardillo, will be happy to answer any questions.

Follow us on Instagram at @FFPGreenBrook for more information on specific store hours and new stock!

All of our retail store managers travel to our farm in Milford, NJ to hand select koi for the stock at their stores. Ryan Cardillo, Green Brook Store Manager, also travels to Japan with the Koi Trips team and hand selects koi for the Green Brook Store. Watch the video as Ryan selects some great koi for the store. Be sure to come visit Ryan at our Green Brook Store to see these beautiful fish! 


FFP Aquariums & Aquascaping

EST. 2024

FFP Green Brook is also proud to announce the opening of FFP Aquariums & Aquascaping! We carry a wide variety of hardgoods as well as aquatic plants and fish. Jenn Bujalski, our FFP Aquariums & Aquascaping Retail Manager, is extremely knowledgable in the field and is ready to assist any aquarist from beginner to advanced.

For more information about our FFP Aquariums & Aquascaping please call (908)-420-9908 ext. 4 and Jenn Bujalski will be happy to answer any questions.

Follow us on Instagram at @FFPGreenBrook for more information on specific store hours and new stock!

FFP Aquariums & Aquascaping


Fostering a community and providing ongoing education are important core values of our Aquariums & Aquascaping team.

In our stores you can find inspiration in our gallery of display aquariums. Our associates are always open to answering questions about any of the equipment or processes used to maintain these aquatic works of art.

Plant swap meets are held on a monthly basis, allowing our customers to trade amongst themselves and form a community of local planted tank enthusiasts.

Join our mailing list and/or follow us on social media to find out about seminars and events.

FFP Aquariums & Aquascaping


Aquascape/ˈä-kwə-ˌskāp/ n: an arrangement of elements (such as plants and rocks) in an aquarium intended to create the appearance of a natural aquatic environment.

Aquascaping is the epitome of art meeting science. The aquarium becomes a diorama created by carefully arranging wood, rocks, and live plants into a microcosm of nature. It not only takes the eye and skill of an artist, but knowledge of plant species and how they grow underwater. Battling algae becomes a masterful skill. Balancing light, CO2, water flow, and water chemistry keeps everything harmonious and flourishing.

Aquascaping was created and popularized by the late, great Takashi Amano in Japan. His nature aquariums are famous worldwide, and his legacy still lives on today through Aqua Design Amano and the legions of hobbyists that were inspired by his work. Aquascaping competitions attract the most dedicated hobbyists, boasting thousands of entries from all over the world.

Dark Start, Aquascaping
Planted Aquarium Demo Tank
Freshwater Fish
Beta Tank



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