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Plants, flowers and trees are indispensable to the environment. They provide many of the things that are not only enjoyable to humans, but which are necessary for life. Unfortunately, worldwide many illegal loggers continue to cut down trees and destroy flowers and plants. Not only does this contribute to polluted water and air, it adversely impacts wildlife which in turn harms mankind.

What is Planting?

Planting is the process of placing bulbs, plants or seeds into the ground so growth occurs. It can be done for commercial or personal reasons, and while the basic procedure is the same, the rules for planting some things will differ from others. Planting is often associated with the cultivation of crops, which requires an extensive knowledge of regional ground and climatic conditions, as well as the best plants for a given location.

Why Should You Get Planting?

Planting flowers and trees is one of the best ways to beautify your landscape. They will serve as an excellent focal point and make the best natural decoration. It is also a good practice for replacing trees which have been cut down, whether in your neighborhood, city, state or country. Ultimately, everything is interconnected, so trees that are cut down on the other side of the world will ultimately impact everyone. Planting is a method of countering illegal logging.

Planting trees and flowers around your property will improve your quality of life by enhancing the air you breathe. This is extremely important in a day and age where the air in many cities and towns is full of pollutants. The more planting that is carried out in a given area, the cleaner the air, which means a reduced occurrence of asthma, lung issues and allergies. Planting will also assist in the recycling of water supplies. This is accomplished by the tree roots, which will function as a type of filter for tap and rain water. The cleansed water will then be returned to the land so that it can eventually become a lake or river.

One of the most important benefits of planting is that it will stop the loss of vibrant soil. This is because the roots, whether large or small, will influence the ground soil in a manner that keeps it formed as one. This is important when the soil experiences extensive rainfall, as the water is sipped through the roots of the trees and as such flooding is prevented.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Planting?

Fitz’s Fish Ponds has extensive knowledge when it comes to landscaping and planting. We can help you plant trees and flowers in the most optimal locations, where they will receive sufficient sunlight while also providing shade. We can also assist commercial planters with large projects that require irrigation. The plants we grow are designed for the New Jersey climate and as such they will resist the extreme weather conditions that the Tri-State area sometimes experiences. Whether you are looking for a garden or have something more complex in mind, contact us today!

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Looking for Planting Services in NJ, NY & PA? Fitz's Fish Ponds is the premier landscape company that can help. Call us today at (908) 420-9908.

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