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Looking for Residential Pond Services in NJ, NY & PA? Fitz's Fish Ponds can help you design, build and maintain a stellar pond that will easily impress!

A private residence with a beautiful landscape or an amazing pond can make a huge impression on your family or friends. It will enhance the curb appeal, raise the property value, and create a healthy environment for those living in the property. Healthy trees and grass will contribute to lower temperatures, as they are much cooler than cement, asphalt or soil which is bare.

As the grass and trees produce lower temperatures naturally this means you won’t have to use your air conditioning as much. Additionally, installing trees on the west and south sides of your property can also give shade on hot days while reducing the temperature of the attic. Window glare will be lowered as well. One of the best benefits that landscaping will have however is on the surrounding water and air. This is because plants, trees and grass capture smoke particles and dust while eliminating carbon dioxide. This means the environment within and around your residence will have higher quality air which is devoid of pollutants, giving you and your family a greater quality of life.

Why Residential Clients Should Choose To Work With Fitz’s Fish Ponds

Homeowners all over New Jersey choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds because they know the landscaping services we provide are not only beautiful, but extremely functional and durable. For instance, our landscaping designs can protect your property during storms, as it will provide a buffer from runoff resulting from storm water while also filtering out water pollution. The plants that we install along a shoreline can prevent both flooding and soil erosion. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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