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If you are feeling tired having to stare at an empty space in your backyard or anywhere around your Phillipsburg property, let Fitz’s Fish Ponds perform an incredible transformation. From a dull living area to a space full of life, we can convert the ready resources into an eye-catchy landscape feature. We have a wide variety of options for you to choose from ranging from ponds, gardens, and more. Depending on your personal preferences and individual budget, our professional design specialists can cater exactly to your ideas and concepts in mind.

About Phillipsburg, New Jersey

A town situated within Warren County in New Jersey of the United States, Phillipsburg serves 14,950 residents. It can be found along Delaware River near the western region of New Jersey. Its population resides in a total of 6,607 housing units throughout a density of 2,069 per square mile with nearly 6,000 households.

Pond Construction Services in Phillipsburg, NJ

There are many different types of ponds which you can construct in your backyard. Regardless of whether you select an ecosystem pond or a dedicated Koi pond, a team of pond specialists from Fitz’s Fish Ponds is absolutely necessary. Pond construction is no easy feat to take on and without proper skills and equipment as its overall function may fail within just a short span of time. Our pond specialists are well-trained and fully equipped with the necessary equipment to develop a stable ecosystem and durable filtration and water circulation system.

Pond Cleaning and Maintenance Services in Phillipsburg, NJ

Once a pond has been constructed, proper and regular cleaning and maintenance procedures need to be put in place. There are four basic forms of pond maintenance which comprise of water treatment, filtration, aeration, and management of aquatic life. Every step is beneficial to the pond in many ways, one of which is to ensure plants and other eco lives can be sustained in the long run.

Landscape Design Services in Phillipsburg, NJ

There are various steps which the contractors at Fitz’s Fish Ponds make use of for landscaping jobs. Apart of the main installation portion, our team is well-versed in the areas of maintenance and design for breathtaking landscape transformation works. Our team comprises of lighting experts, horticulturists, irrigation specialists who can perform simple to complex processes that can produce extraordinary results which are highly functional and environmentally friendly.

Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Top-Notch Pond Design, Construction and Maintenance Services in Phillipsburg, NJ

Fitz’s Fish Ponds has been designing, building, and servicing various types of water features including ponds and waterfalls for homeowners across New Jersey. We are the reliable contractor trusted by many thanks to our experienced and creative crew. Our objective is to work closely with our clients to listen to their ideas and convert them into a stunning feature which they will grow to love and be passionate about.

If you have any questions about Fitz’s Fish Ponds’ services in Phillipsburg, NJ feel free to call us at (908) 315-7377 or email us at now. Alternatively, you may fill out our online form.

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