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For many property owners, the need to have a fence is almost common sense. A well designed fence will not only make your home more secure, but can increase both its aesthetic beauty and property value. It also defines the borders of your property and makes the task of surveying easy.

What is Fencing?

Fencing is the process of installing a fence around a property. It is broken down into two categories, which is estimation of the costs and the physical construction itself. The estimators will come to your home, determine the costs of installing the fence, and then the contractors will come in and do it, provided you agree to their price. It is critical for the builders to know the location of any utility lines on the property so they can be avoided when the digging starts. Then they will install the posts, after which they will install the stringers and gates.

Why Should You Get Fencing?

There are a multitude of benefits that you’ll gain from adding fencing to your property. For one, it allows you to contain any livestock which is present, preventing them from escaping and getting on the property of your neighbors. Second, it will deter would be intruders or trespassers, which includes both humans and animals. A fence is a way of telling others to keep away unless they’ve been invited, at which point they should use the gate.

A fence can also be used to ensure your children and pets stay where you want them to be. There is nothing worse than having a pet and especially a child run off, and if you have bodies of water on the property such as a swimming pool, water garden or pond, placing fencing around it will prevent children from falling in and drowning.

A fence is also indispensable for property owners that value their privacy. While those who live in rural areas will often have plenty of space between themselves and their neighbors, in urban and suburban areas residents often live in close proximity to each other, so in these environments a good fence becomes a valued commodity. It keeps away prying eyes and different types of fences provide higher levels of privacy depending on your needs. A quality fence will also be artistically crafted, which can significantly increase your curb appeal by adding character to your property.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Fencing?

We build attractive and secured fences which will serve any purpose you want them to. Whether you’re a rancher that has livestock you need to contain or you’re a residential homeowner that wants to build a fence around your pool or pond, Fitz’s Fish Ponds will get the job done, on time and within budget. We will sit down with you to determine the needed size, the type of materials which will be used, and how much the fence will cost. Once we’ve done this our team of builders will come over and erect an impressive fence which will last for years while keeping your property secured. Contact us today.

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Looking for Fencing Work in NJ, NY & PA? Fitz's Fish Ponds is the premier landscape company that can help. Call us today at (908) 420-9908.

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