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Stream Construction

While streams appear easy to construct, the task can become very challenging when the correct guidelines aren’t adhered to. When Fitz’s Fish Ponds designs streams, one of the key things we consider are the changes in elevation. When elevation works in your favor, the slope will extend toward the viewing area. Examples of such viewing areas include patios and decks.

What is Stream Construction?

Stream construction involves the procedures and steps which are used to build streams. Good slopes make this process a lot easier. When constructing a stream we will carve a path into a hillside so that water can move through it. The stream should always traverse through the slope in a manner that expands the viewing area, and to create a stream bed which appears natural. Although we use a liner to prevent water loss and erosion, we make the stream appear as if the soil has been eroded by the water, showcasing the stones beneath.

During excavation of a stream bed into a hill, we will mark the edge of the stream and then dig a minimum of 6″ deep. This provides sufficient room for gravel and rock with a few inches to spare. The spare inches will provide for compaction and settling within the soil so the area remains free of leaks. We can dig deeper for the stream, should you desire. The best designed streams are those which turn and twist as they move towards a pond. These turns are responsible for sound amplification and will also multiply the viewing areas. The more angles a stream can be seen from, the more desirable it is.

Why Should You Get Stream Construction?

Streams serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. They are beautiful to look at, pleasant to hear, and they provide water circulation and movement, which is a necessity for maintaining a vibrant pond. Stream construction offers you numerous variations to choose from and just a handful of rocks allow for multiple construction methods. When constructing streams, we will dig specific areas where boulders can rest. Ideally a rock or stone should be situated at every turn within the stream. While the rocks added don’t necessarily have to be large, it does provide for a more natural look. Our team has the experience and expertise to select the best possible rock for the surrounding terrain.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Stream Construction?

Fitz’s Fish Ponds has the equipment, experience and skills which are needed to create spectacular-looking streams and ponds. While streams may seem easy to create, they can become challenging for those that aren’t familiar with terrain evaluation. Not only do we construct streams and ponds, but we are also specialists at maintaining them. From the moment your stream is complete, it will begin to age, and eventually you’ll require repairs or renovation – we will be working alongside you to make sure that stream maintenance is a breeze. We can also test your water quality, the health of your fish and plants, and will make recommendations on products and procedures that can be used to enhance your stream. Contact Fitz’s Fish Ponds today and experience a service that is without peer!

Stream Construction



Stream ConstructionStream Construction

Stream Construction

Stream Construction

Stream Construction

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Fitz's Fish Ponds is an industry leader when it comes to Stream Construction in New Jersey. Find out more about our quality services!

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