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Swimming Ponds & Natural Pools

A growing number of homeowners, landowners, and environmental enthusiasts have begun constructing natural pools, which are also known as natural swimming ponds (NSPs). When constructing such ponds for our clients, we use the same natural filtration units which exist in the wild, and we can design them in such a way where they are indistinguishable from the ponds which are found in nature.

Swimming Ponds & Natural Pools

What are Swimming Ponds & Natural Pools?

Swimming ponds and natural pools are best defined as systems comprising bodies of water that have been constructed in a manner where the water is contained by a membrane. No chemicals are used to sterilize and disinfect the water, and every method used for water purity is done naturally, usually through plants or biological filters that have been added hydroponically.

While many swimming ponds and natural pools resemble those found in natures, others do not. There are many ways we can design these pools, and we will do so in a manner that is perfectly adapted to your property. The swimming pond phenomenon begin in Europe during the 1980s and has since spread around the world. Due to growing environmental awareness worldwide, a growing number of homeowners are switching from traditional ponds to swimming ponds & natural ponds.

Why Should You Get Swimming Ponds & Natural Pools?

Swimming ponds and natural pools are much better for the environment than standard swimming pools. Pools which are chemically treated may emit as much as three times their volume in water into the sewer within a single year. Because NSPs don’t use any chemicals, there is no need to discharge the water within a sewer. Furthermore, NSPs require much less energy than traditional ponds.

Another reason NSPs are beneficial to the environment is due to their regeneration zones. Amphibious animals such as salamanders, snails and frogs typically create homes within these areas, and while some natural pool owners don’t like it, others are thrilled to know that their swimming environment can be balanced and cleansed by the presence of these animals as it is an indication of a robust ecosystem. At Fitz’s Fish Ponds, we can design NSPs however you like. If you want a regeneration zone with aquatic animals, we can add them or we can build yours animal free.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Swimming Ponds & Natural Pools?

Constructing an NSP takes tremendous experience, expertise and creativity. At Fitz’s Fish Ponds, we use a combination of fine filters and hydraulic construction techniques to design amazing NSPs. Objects which are usually found on the surface of pond water, such as pollen, leave or dust must be removed, and we do this through the installation of overflow channels or skimmers.

We are also skilled in the creation of bio-reactive biological filters, which eliminate and retain the particulate matter for particle sizes which are as low as 100 micrometers. We work closely with our customers to provide consultation and recommendations and our prices are tough to beat. Contact Fitz’s Fish Ponds today and experience our service for yourself!

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Fitz's Fish Ponds is an industry leader when it comes to Swimming Ponds & Natural Pools in New Jersey. Find out more about our quality services!

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