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Emergency Calls

Ponds are complex systems, both in terms of their construction and ecosystem. Due to their complexity, small problems can grow into disasters very quickly. Oftentimes, when something goes wrong in your pond, it can be difficult to pinpoint without the help of an expert. While we prefer to fix pond problems before they become emergencies, you can be assured we will be there to assist you in the event that they do.

Why Would You Need an Emergency Service Call?

Even the best built ponds can be susceptible to problems, and unfortunately not all ponds are well constructed. Even so, the vast majority of emergency service calls we go on are due to improper maintenance or equipment failure. Some of the problems that you may encounter include equipment failures, water toxicity, disease, power outages, and leaks. Each of these problems can host a number of other issues (low oxygen, massive fish die-offs, frozen lines, etc.). While it is possible to prepare for and prevent some of these disasters in advance, it is simply not possible to compensate for them all. Sooner or later, Murphy’s Law will manifest itself in an unexpected manner that will require you to seek professional help.

It is crucial to contact a pond care specialist who knows how to deal with all these problems. They should be available to assist you when it’s most convenient for you, and be able to resolve the problem as quickly as possible, to minimize damage. Due to the variety of emergencies your pond may experience, there is no one unified solution or fix. The best pond care specialists are flexible and understand this. We have the adaptability which is needed to deal with various problems in creative and unorthodox ways.

Most importantly, making an emergency call will not only allow you to get the problem looked at immediately, but we can use our expertise to educate you on preventive measures to avoid another emergency in the future. As the great Benjamin Franlkin said, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

What We Do for Pond Emergency Calls

  • Test water’s PH, ammonia, phosphates, nitrite, salt levels, and chlorine levels.
  • Add treatments and do water changes necessary to restore water quality.
  • Analyze fish health, perform on-site biopsy under microscope, add necessary treatments and/or prescribe a treatment plan.
  • Quarantine diseased fish, or bring them back to our shop for emergency treatment.
  • Add emergency aeration, even in the event of a power outage.
  • Transfer fish in the event of a plumbing break or large leak.
  • Fix or replace failed pumps and other crucial pond equipment.
  • Do everything in our power to take care of your emergency!

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for an Emergency Service Call?

Fitz’s Fish Ponds has more than 7 years of experience constructing and maintaining ponds of all shapes and sizes. Our customers choose us because they understand that when the unthinkable happens in their ponds, we’ll be there to help them pick up the pieces and rectify the situation effectively. We work closely with our customers and listen to their needs and concerns, and the prices for our services won’t break the bank. Whether you have a power outage, disease outbreak, or any other problem which is related to your pond, you can be rest assured that our team of professionals will have a solution for it. We are passionate about what we do and the success and longevity of our operation proves it. Contact Fitz’s Fish Ponds today if you have a pond emergency!

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Fitz's Fish Ponds is there for you when your pond is in trouble. We are there for your Emergency Calls in NJ, NY, PA. Call (908) 420-9908 to inquire today.

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