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Construction Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are architectural structures which are used to manage steep slopes and difficult grades. They are an important defense against erosion and are primarily used to keep land and water in place. They are commonly found in both commercial and residential buildings and are popular due to their aesthetics as well as functionality.

What are Retaining Walls?

Erosion is a problem that man has dealt with for thousands of years, ever since the development of homes, farms, buildings and cities. The retaining wall is a clever solution which was designed to combat it. Not only can it hold back water or dirt, when drainage units are installed within the retaining wall can also manage water which results from storms. Furthermore, a retaining wall allows for multi-level landscaping beds and terracing. The construction of a retaining wall will often require other tasks such as drainage and excavation so that the needed materials and equipment can be brought in to finish the job.

Why Should You Get Retaining Walls?

Some terrains are more difficult to live and work on than others. Many commercial and residential properties are established on or near landscapes which are sloped, and performing planting or other types of work on this land can be difficult because of erosion, or the tendency of the soil to wash away, usually the result of regular rain. Slopes can also be hard to work with due to wind and sun exposure, which makes planting quite challenging.

Retaining walls are a solution for all these problems, and the reason for this is because they produce a tough barrier which can effectively keep soil in place, while simultaneously handling the runoff of storm water and allowing for landscaping beds which are functional. These walls may be constructed out of a variety of materials, but the two most popular are concrete pavers which are interlocking and natural stone.

The advantage of concrete pavers which are interlocking is that they don’t require mortar and they will provide the wall with a look that is manicured. Natural stone, on the other hand, is preferred by many property owners as it complements the natural surroundings while requiring minimal maintenance. In some areas it is common for building entrances to be at the base or top of slopes. In fact, some property owners prefer to construct slopes with retaining walls near the entrance as it provides greater privacy.

Why Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Retaining Walls?

Constructing a beautiful and functional retaining wall requires a variety of skills, including excavation, surveying and drainage, all of which should be left up to a professional. The retaining walls built by us will expand your usable space, allowing large portions of your property to be established on land that is not normally accessible. Furthermore, our projects will also protect your land from erosion by locking the soil and water in place. Those who want an impressive, terraced entrance into their home or buildings should hire us as our retaining walls are perfect for the planting of flowers while maintaining a gateway into the premises. Contact us today!

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