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Construct and maintain gorgeous-looking ponds with Fitz’s Fish Ponds! We provide pond construction and maintenance, and landscaping services for our clients. Our focus on the customer and expertise has allowed us to be the leading pond construction company in the New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia region.

About Westfield, New Jersey

Westfield is a town in Union County, New Jersey. The town has a population of over 30,000 residents and borders the municipalities of Mountainside in the north, the township of Springfield in the northeast, Garwood and Cranford in the east, Clark in the southeast, and Scotch Plains to the west. The town has become one of the state’s wealthiest communities, having a median household income of double that of the statewide median. Some places of interest in Westfield include Tamaques Park, The Deserted Village and Watchung Reservation.

Pond Construction Services in Westfield, NJ

Create a calm and beautiful environment by building ponds in your backyard! We offer a wide selection of ponds to fit any home or property – ecosystem ponds, water garden, formal ponds, above ground pools and much more. One of our specialties is creating dedicated koi ponds. Our considerable knowledge of koi fishes and the environmental elements have allowed us to create ponds that are favorable to their well-being and survival. We carry our stringent testing on the pond water to make sure that certain indicators are at desirable levels.

Pond Cleaning and Maintenance Services in Westfield, NJ

Maintain the health and cleanliness of your pond by using our cleaning and maintenance services. The best way to determine the health of your pond is by undergoing pond water testing. We will take samples for analysis and determine whether your pond meets the proper temperature, salinity, hardness and pH to maintain aquatic and plant life. Once we know the issues with the contents of the samples, we can take the necessary steps to remediate the issue.

Landscape Design Services in Westfield, NJ

Besides pond construction and maintenance, Fitz’s Fish Ponds provides landscaping services as well. One of our most popular landscaping services is irrigation. Fish waste contains high amounts of nitrogen and other essential plant nutrients. However, the concentration of these nutrients can increase in the pond water and can be detrimental to the health of fishes if the water is not replaced regularly. As such, people have considered using pond water to irrigate their gardens.

Choose Fitz’s Fish Ponds for Top-Notch Pond Design, Construction and Maintenance Services in Westfield, NJ

Fitz’s Fish Ponds is dedicated to providing exceptional pond construction and maintenance, and landscaping services. For the past 11 years, we have helped numerous homeowners in their outdoor space needs. Our expertise in this area has allowed us to win the Helix Pond Contractor of the Year award in 2014 and 2015. We continue to give professional and exceptional service to achieve the best results for our customers.

If you have any questions about Fitz’s Fish Ponds’ services in Westfield, NJ, feel free to call us at (908) 315-7377 or email us at now. Alternatively, you may fill out our online form.

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